Leprechaun Fun

Learn more about the ways of the clever Leprechaun and the traditions around St. Patrick’s Day — and have a little fun doing it!

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Leprechaun Fun Facts

Leprechauns are shoemakers. Some researches claim that the word leprechaun came from the Irish 'leath bhrogan,' meaning shoemaker.
If you’re lucky enough to catch a leprechaun, you can never take your eyes off the little men, or they’ll disappear.
Leprechauns weren't always dressed in green. Folklore and early tales of the creatures reported red clothing.
The pot of gold every leprechaun possesses totals 1 coin for each year of their life and they are known to have very long lives.
In March, there are marathons all over the country that encourage the participants to dress like leprechauns. The festive runners help raise money for charity while getting in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit.
Leprechauns can bring good luck for the people who can capture them. They will serve you with three wishes in exchange for their freedom. But be careful because they're very tricky fellows!